Fantasy Crescendo is now available for testing on Steam through a closed beta system.

Requesting a Steam Key

To participate in this closed beta, you must request a Steam key from the project administrators. At the time of writing, this is best done through our Discord. You will be assigned a Steam key, that can be redeemed like any other Steam CD key. Please refer to the official Valve documentation if you are having difficult activating the key.

Hourai Teahouse reserves the right to revoke any provided Steam keys for any arbitrary reason. If deemed that you are abusing the key(s), their use may be revoked without advanced notice.


There are a few requirements that must be met to get and keep a Steam copy while we are still in a closed beta stage.

  • You must be on and stay on the Hourai Teahouse Discord. This is to make sure we can keep in contact with testers.
  • Each tester gets only one key and one key only. Requests for a more keys, or keys on behalf of others will be denied.
  • You must be the one using the provided key. The key will be revoked if someone else is found using the key.

Release Branches

In the closed beta we have two open branches that we regularly release content to: default and latest-beta. The default branch is updated at a regular pace of once per week on Saturday. The latest-beta branch is updated as soon as game builds are ready. Installing the game by default subscribes you to the default branch. To opt-in to the bleeding edge latest-beta branch, please refer to this guide on how to change the branch your client is subscribed to.