Youmu Konpaku

Playable Character in Fantasy Crescendo

General Information

Youmu Portrait 1

Home Stage: Netherworld
Height: 1.5 m
Weight: 1 weight unit
Walk Speed: 5 m/s
Run Speed: 10 m/s


Work in Progress
This section is a work in progress. A lot of what is presented here is subject to potential future change.

Attack Description Damage Knockback
Ground Attacks
Neutral Combo Three hit combo. First hit: Low hit, swing to about mid height. Sword should stay relatively close to her body, kind of similar to her ‘golf swing’ from 12.3. Second hit, rising horizontal slash at medium height. Should cover a little further out from her body than the 2nd hit horizontally; vertically covers a wider region than the f-tilt would. Third hit, forward stab. N/A N/A
Dash Attack Low sliding horizontal swing, like 214B/C first hit from 12.3. N/A N/A
Strong Attacks
Forward Tilt A horizontal slash - relatively flat to the plane, reasonably fast, angleable. N/A N/A
Up Tilt fast upwards slash, from in front of her to above her head covering about 90° N/A N/A
Down Tilt Extends her sword out to stab at the opponent from her crouching position. N/A N/A
Smash Attacks
Forward Smash Quickdraw move -- Youmu sheathes her sword before striking out in front of her (for reference: i.e. 0:04 - 0:06). Should be very fast - more like a hitscan than a projectile in terms of hitbox and animation - but doesn’t cover much area. Angleable. N/A N/A
Up Smash Youmu swings her sword in an 120 degree arc centered above her head, from front to behind. N/A N/A
Down Smash Youmu turns, in the process drawing her wakizashi, using both swords to hit in front and behind her. Returns to face the direction she was standing originally. N/A N/A
Pummel Smack with sword hilt repeatedly. N/A N/A
Forward Throw Punches the opponent and knocks them away. N/A N/A
Back Throw Throws opponent down to the ground before performing a downward stab, then kicks the opponent away. N/A N/A
Up Throw Throws the the opponent backwards, then kicks them while using her sword as a pivot. N/A N/A
Down Throw Throws opponent down to the ground, launches opponent into the air with a golf swing. N/A N/A
Aerial Attacks
Neutral Aerial Elbow, similar to 12.3 j5a N/A N/A
Up Aerial Swings her sword from her side to cover above her head in a small arc. N/A N/A
Forward Aerial Slashes her sword down in a circular arc in front of her. N/A N/A
Back Aerial Single kick backwards. N/A N/A
Down Aerial Swings the sword over her head, then falls very fast while holding the sword in front of her N/A N/A
Special Attacks
Neutral Special Throws Myon, hitting anyone in its path. Myon lingers at her target destination for a few seconds. Activating the special while Myon is away will call it back (moves at a moderate pace), but leaves Youmu unable to act for a moment when initiating the recall. N/A N/A
Up Special Youmu does a crescent slash upwards, similar to 623B/C from 12.3. While on the ground, she does a smaller crescent arc before launching into a bigger arc. N/A N/A
Side Special Puts her sword to her side and dashes forward at high speed, dealing damage with the sword. If Myon is connected to Youmu, it will move to her and travel with her, dealing damage on the way, having a bigger radius and more damage than the sword. N/A N/A
Down Special Youmu holds her sword in both hands in front of her, as if meditating. After a moment, Myon releases a short explosion-like burst. Youmu can move before Myon releases the attack, making her able to follow up. N/A N/A

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