Marisa Kirisame

Playable Character in Fantasy Crescendo

Marisa Portrait 1

Home Stage: Forest of Magic
Height: TBD
Weight: TBD
Walk Speed: TBD
Run Speed: TBD


Work in Progress
This section is a work in progress. A lot of what is presented here is subject to potential future change.

Attack Description Damage Knockback
Ground Attacks
Neutral Combo Marisa extends her hand outwards and fires a small flurry of stars from her palm. Stars will continue to spray for as long as the input is held down (similar to other rapid-jab attacks). N/A N/A
Dash Attack Marisa gets on her broom and charges through any opponents on her path before getting off. N/A N/A
Strong Attacks
Forward Tilt Marisa jabs forward with the handle of the broom. N/A N/A
Up Tilt Marisa traces an thin arc of magic with her finger above her head that bursts into stars. N/A N/A
Down Tilt Marisa does a sweep-kick from crouch position. N/A N/A
Smash Attacks
Forward Smash Marisa launches herself at the opponent, butt-first. Soku-esque. TBD N/A N/A
Up Smash Marisa holds hakkero above her head and after a short startup, fires a short-range blast. Marisa's arm/knees may buckle from the recoil. N/A N/A
Down Smash Marisa sweeps both hands down, firing on both sides of her exploding stars. N/A N/A
Pummel TBD N/A N/A
Forward Throw TBD N/A N/A
Back Throw TBD N/A N/A
Up Throw TBD N/A N/A
Down Throw TBD N/A N/A
Aerial Attacks
Neutral Aerial While on broom, Marisa spins around horizontally, striking behind with the brush of the broom. N/A N/A
Up Aerial Marisa's broom materializes beneath her feet as she surfs into a somersault, striking above with the brush of the broom. N/A N/A
Forward Aerial Marisa sticks out her hand and fires a blast from the hakkero after a short startup. N/A N/A
Back Aerial Marisa punches behind her, her fist exploding into a star. N/A N/A
Down Aerial Similar to fair, except the direction is diagonally-down. N/A N/A
Special Attacks
Neutral Special Illusion laser/Master Spark. Marisa leans back before firing a laser with the hakkero (held with both hands). Three different charge states. No-charge leads to single weak laser without hitlag or hitstun. Low-to-mid charge hits will increase the number of hitboxes that hit the opponent and put them into hitlag, but not hitstun (think of how getting hit by a multi-hit move during 12.3 Typhoon works). Width and startup of the move scales with charge. A full charge corresponds to a full Master Spark - big wide hitbox that spans the stage, big knockback and damage, and of course big startup. N/A N/A
Up Special Marisa rides broom directionally, shooting stars behind. (lots of landing lag, but perhaps cancelable with jump as a horizontal movement option?) N/A N/A
Side Special Napalm Blast. Marisa fires a slower-moving green projectile from both hands (not hakkero). Impact should create a persistent hitbox that burns. (Similar to PK Fire?) N/A N/A
Down Special Unstable Potion. Marisa stands in place, grabbing a potion from her bag and holding it in her hand. The potion cycles through various effects over time - damage, explosive, slow, increased damage on-hit. Releasing the input will cause Marisa to throw the potion; opponents will be affected accordingly if they come into contact with a thrown potion. Potion cycles through options faster over time, but if held too long the potion will explode in Marisa’s hand and cause self-damage. N/A N/A

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